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Last year, one of my English class assignments was to write a short (2 pages or something) scene that contained two characters from different books that we had read that semester. I went too far and ended up making a short game involving four characters, all from different books. I ended up turning it in way beyond the deadline and it retrospect it was a bad idea, but nevertheless I managed to do it. After I was done I forgot about it until recently, when the competition reminded me about it. I’ve fixed up all the worst bugs I could find and polished it up a bit.

I don’t consider myself a writer. I think of myself as primarily a programmer, so maybe interactive fiction shouldn’t be on my radar, but for some reason it is. Non-player-characters are pretty much the hardest thing to program in any type of game, and this game revolves around them. I found myself unable to copy the style or personality of the characters from the novels, and I don’t think I fulfilled the original assignment. There is almost no real interaction between the characters. Perhaps I shouldn’t have a full disclaimer here. You can judge it for yourself, I suppose.

Not finding this game worthy of beta testing, competitions, or really anyone who wasn’t in the same English class, I still put a lot of time into it and it feels like a waste to not release it somehow. If you actually were in the same English class, you might get at least something out of it.

You can play it here. Please send me your transcripts if you can.



  1. got beat
    love elizabeth and fritzsche
    i liked it though never seen anything like it

  2. You say here you are not much of a writer. Why? Isn’t programming just another way of writing, of meaning making? I would think from the short bit of the game I tried (I am not much of a gamester!) that you actually did a good bit of writing on this project.

    Interesting entry.

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